You Got This Mama!

The Working Mom

It’s a new week and a new month so it's time to set new goals. What goals do you have for this month? What will you do to execute those goals? The biggest thing for me is that my son is only two, therefore he requires a lot of attention. Not to mention, hes in the terrible 2 phase! I really have my work cut out for me but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a working mom is hard, but I’m here to encourage each of us to keep going strong and remain calm no matter how...

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5 Wardrobe Essentials

Ladies, there are a few items that you should consider staple pieces in our closet. You can have any one of these and I guarantee they will make an outfit go from basic to chic. 1. High Waisted Jeans - A pair of high waisted jeans is most definitely a piece you need. They can be paired with a simple cami or tank top, crop top or a tee shirt tucked in them or tied at the front. High waisted jeans spice up anything! 2. Leggings -Legging are easy and comfortable! Grab a cute tee, add a watch, some cute...

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You Got This Momma

For moms, life can be a lot. Especially when you are a mom for the first time. My son just turned 2 and sometimes I find myself going crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Today, I encourage you to keep pushing when things seem overwhelming or to tough. You’re doing great momma! May we all remember that we have amazing little people depending on us and we can’t quit! Besides, mom life is the best life anyway! Treat yourself to one of our mommy items today.

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